Virtual RemTech 2020

October 14 & 15, 2020 - Online


8:30 – 8:50 Opening Remarks
Fred Keating, MC
Stacy Thygesen, ESAA President
Joe Chowaniec, ESAA Executive Director
ECO Canada Wages Subsidy Program
8:50 – 9:30 The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in a Carbon Constrained World
Scott McNally, B.S. ChE, M.S. ERE, MPP, Green Advisor, Crescent Point Energy
9:30 – 9:45 Break
9:45 – 12:25 Regulatory Session
Reclamation Practices and Criteria for Powerlines
Brian Lambert, Alberta Environment
Remedial Action Plans – Guide and Form
Brian Lambert, Alberta Environment
10 min Break
Regulatory Session Cont’d
The Dirt on Excess Soil in Canada – A Cross-Country Review
Matt Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
ENVIRONMENTAL Practice in 2020 –Part 2 – Staying on the tightrope
Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
Managing Environmental Obligations and Implementing the SCC Redwater Decision: Where We Are Today
Chidinma Thompson, Borden Ladner Gervais
12:25 – 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 – 1:30 McLennan Ross Presentation
1:30 – 4:40 Groundwater, Water Treatment Technology Risk Assessment and Management
Remediation of Bromacil and Dicamba-Impacted Groundwater Technology Update & Review – Activated Carbon for Contaminant Control and Site Remediation The Case for Risk Assessment as the Remedial Option of Choice
Barry Rakewich, Nichols Environmental Jean Paré, Chemco Jennifer Mayberry, Steer Environmental
Insights from a Detailed Study of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions at an Inactive Landfill Phytotechnologies for Remediation and Reclamation of High Salinity Soil A Human Health Risk Assessment Conundrum- What is the Best Way to Evaluate Short-Term Exposures at Contaminated Sites
Stephanie Drake, Advisian Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental Bart Koppe, Intrinsik
High Frequency Groundwater Sampling – Insights Into Detailed Plume Characterization and Risk Management A New, Sustainable Remedial Technology to Facilitate Risk Management and Closure of Mobile NAPL Sites Site-Specific Plant Ecotoxicity of Residual Petroleum Hydrocarbons Fraction 3 in Subarctic Soils
Blake Hamer, Matrix Solutions Kevin French, Vertex Environmental Amy Gainer, Advisian
10 min Break 10 min Break 10 min Break
Groundwater, Water Treatment (cont’d) Technology (cont’d) Risk Assessment and Management (cont’d)
Field evaluation of cellulose-based functional materials to sample bacteria in groundwater Thermal Desorption Technology Risk-Based Approach to Contaminated Site Remediation and Liability Reduction
Paola Mussone, NAIT Darrell Greenman, AGES Amanda Freer, Matrix Solutions
Contaminated water treatment from site remediation work using ballasted flocculation and disc filtration An Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Identifying Remediation Technologies for Radioiodine at Hanford Environmental Release Simulation and Testing to Inform Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation
Myriam De Ladurantaye-Noël, Veolia Vicky Freedman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Simone Levy, InnoTech Alberta
Performance of the water treatment at Randle Reef Integration of Automation and Machine Learning in Environmental Assessment and Contaminant Fate and Transport Modelling – A Practical Solution to Cost-Effective Liability Management. Tailoring clean-up strategies based on the contaminant
Marc Laliberte, Veolia Lynette Esak, Analythium Mahyar Sakari, AGAT Laboratories