Virtual RemTech 2020

October 14 & 15, 2020 - Online


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Pre-Conference Workshop

Federal Contaminated Sites – Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop

  • Doing Business with the Federal Government and the Accelerated Infrastructure ProgramPresentation
    David Wasiuta, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP)Presentation
    Hugo Gherbavaz, Environment Canada
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) Demand Forecast AnalysisPresentation
    Miguel Larivière, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Reclamation of Giant Mine Site Yellowknife – A Major Project Case StudyPresentation
    Norm Quail, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Working on DND Remediation Projects with Defence Construction CanadaPresentation
    Ross Welsman, Regional Director, Defence Construction Canada
  • The Deloitte – SDTC Western Canada Cleantech ReportPresentation
    David Sparrow & Spencer Ord, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Conference Technical Sessions

Opening Keynote

  • Addressing Environmental Exposures to Asbestos at the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site, USAPresentation
    Mike Cirian, On-Site Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA Region 8


  • Nanomaterials used in Environmental Remediation – A Global Perspective
    Stephen Goudey, Golder Associates Ltd./ HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Nanotechnology – The Next Remediation Magic Bullet?Presentation
    Sylvia Chan-Remillard, Golder Associates Ltd./ HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Nanomaterials and the Environment: Regulatory Implications and Research NeedsPresentation
    Lori Sheremeta, Alberta Ingenuity
  • Tailings Treatment and NanoparticlesPresentation
    Preston McEachern, Alberta Environment

Technology from the Netherlands

  • Water and Energy Resource ManagementPresentation
    Hans van Duijne, Deltares
  • Large Scale Management of (Contaminated) Dredged Sediments (a Comparisation Between Europe and North America)Presentation
    Bastiaan M. Lammers, Boskalis-Dolman
  • In-situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Source AreasPresentation
    Martin Slooijer, BioSoil B.V.
  • Advanced In-situ Remediation Technologies in Canada; a Success Story on Canadian-Dutch Co-operation in Canada Between Private Solution Providers Supported by both Canadian and Dutch GovernmentsPresentation
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology B.V.

Unique Locations and Situations

  • Winter Remediation of PHC-Contaminated Soils from the Shoreline of a Flowing Channel Located in Northern ManitobaPresentation
    Marcus Smith, Manitoba Hydro
  • Former Tipple Mine Site Remediation and Reclamation ProgramPresentation
    Brian Geddes, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • Case Study – Drumheller Institution: Kitchen and Health Centre Crawl Space RemediationPresentation
    Jim Clare, AECOM
  • Case Study: Successful Remediation of Operating Service Station and Third-Party Properties at a National Park TownsitePresentation
    Rob Micklethwaite, O’Connor Associates Environmental

Working in Canada’s North: Challenges and Perspectives

  • Evaluating the Constructability of Remediation Projects in the NorthPresentation
    Jonathan Kerr , AECOM
  • Cleaning-Up Dew Line Sites in Nunavut: The Inuit Perspective at Cam-FPresentation
    Kailapi Alorut , Sila Remediation Inc.
  • Challenges of Conducting Environmental Investigations in the Canadian ArcticPresentation
    David Wells, AMEC Earth and Environmental
  • Challenges Facing Soil Treatment Facilities in the YukonPresentation
    Donald Wilson , EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Remediation and Environmental Sustainability

  • An In-Situ Chemical Oxidant that utilizes “Green Chemistry” for the Treatment of Both Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated SolventsPresentation
    Jack Peabody, Regenesis
  • Use of a Sustainability Evaluation Tool for the Evaluation of Remedial ScenariosPresentation
    Jaime Graves and Robert Noel-de-Tilly, Golder Associates
  • The True Cost of RemediationPresentation
    Gary Millard, Shell Canada Products

Physical Treatment

  • Calcium Humate Reduces Disposal Costs by lowering Electrical Conductivity and Sodium Absorption Ratio in Potassium Silicate based Drilling WastePresentation
    Russel Orcutt, Summit Liability Solutions
  • Evaluation of the Microtox Toxicity Testing System: does it belong in the environmental industry?Presentation
    Erik Martin, TRIUM
  • Kitkatla Remediation ProgramPresentation
    David Isopo, Quantum Remediation


  • Total Microbial Profiling…Because Sometimes Bacteria Just Aren’t EnoughPresentation
    Pernilla Stenroos, HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Biological Treatment of Hazardous Sludge Using a Modified Ex situ Biopile System and Beneficial Reuse of ResidualsPresentation
    Jeff Dirks, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.
  • Subsoil Injection of Concentrated Organic PelletsPresentationPaper
    Leonard Leskiw, Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting

A Little of Everything

  • Vapour Intrusion and Indoor Air Quality – Assessing IAQ Impacts, Understanding Building Factors, Strategies for MitigationPresentation
    Paul MacKinnon, EHS Partnerships Ltd.
  • Lead (Pb): Upcoming Implications for Contaminated Site Soil Quality GuidelinesPresentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental
  • In Situ Treatment of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons by Fracture-Emplacement of a Micro-Iron/Carbon AmendementPresentation
    Gordon H. Bures, Frac Rite Environmental Ltd.
  • Management of Significant PHC Impacts in an Urban/Community Setting – Case StudyPresentation
    Karl Bresee, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.
  • Soil Protection by Polymer Enhanced Mineral Barrier (Applications and New Developments)PresentationPaper
    Mike Naismith, Trisoplast Mineral Liners
  • BROWNFIELDS DEVELOPMENT – 60-year Old Construction Yard – REMEDIATED AND REDEVELOPED!Presentation
    Vladimir Agatonovic, Focus Corporation
  • Landfills – the Remediation Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: Potential Liabilities during Design, Construction and OperationPresentation
    Dean Wall, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • An Integrated Model for Design of Soil Vapour Intrusion Mitigation SystemsPresentation
    Ian Hers, Golder Associates
  • Differentiation of chloride source using stable chlorine isotopesPresentation
    Alec Blyth , Alberta Research Council

The Quebec Perspective

  • Sustainable approach in contaminated soil management – lessons learned from 20 years of practicePresentation
    Christian Bélanger, Englobe Corp
  • Chemical oxidation, enhancing organic contaminant remediation via the use of co-solvent surfactantsPresentation
    Jean Paré, Chemco inc
  • Environmental Accountability are we Really Making Things BetterPresentation
    Tony Hawke, TERRAPEX Environnement
  • Bioremediation of a former Tank FarmPresentation
    Eric Bergeron, Golder Associates Ltd.
  • Understanding the Uncertainty Associated with Analytical Results: Sources, Control and Interpretation of ResultsPresentation
    Marc Paquet, Maxxam Analytics


  • LNAPL Deep Below the Water Table – How Did It Get There? The Importance of Proper Site Characterization and Implications for RemediationPresentation
    Stephen Munzar, Hemmera Envirochem Inc.
  • New Approaches and Tools for Evaluating LNAPL MobilityPresentation
    Ian Hers , Golder Associates
  • Contrasts in LNAPL Risk Factors for Different Petroleum ProductsPresentation
    G.D. Beckett, AQUI-VER, INC., Douglas Bell, Dillon Consulting Limited


  • Remediation Options and Treatment for Tebuthiuron at an Upstream Oil and Gas SitePresentation
    Felix Lin, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
  • Corrective Action LUST Site Remediation Case Study Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of BTEX, PAH, and Diesel Free Product Recovery, UST Soil and Groundwater Plume, Monee, Illinois USAPresentation
    George A. Ivey, Ivey International Inc.
  • Soil Remediation of 26,200 m3 of Hydrocarbon-impacted Soil at a Former Well Site Using the Ex situ Biopile ProcessPresentation
    Wade Simpson , Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.