Virtual RemTech 2020

October 14 & 15, 2020 - Online


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Pre-Conference Workshops

Federal Contaminated Sites – Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop

  • Overview of the Federal Contaminated Sites Program and Synopsis of Federal Contaminated Sites IssuesPresentation
    Edward Domijan – Public Works & Government Services Canada Amy Sparks, Environment Canada
  • Metal Encapsulation TechnologyPresentation
    George Ivey – Ivey International Inc.
  • Surfactant Enhanced RemediationPresentation
    George Ivey – Ivey International Inc.
  • Mixed Plume Remediation using EHC In-Situ Chemical Reduction and Oxidation TechnologiesPresentation
    John Vogan – Adventus Americas Inc
  • Mixing, Monitoring, and Safely Injecting Oxidants or Amendments into the SubsurfacePresentation
    Barry Nevokshonoff- Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc.
  • Barrier and Cut Off WallsPresentation
    Stephen Custeau – Quantum Murray LP
  • Soil Remediation of a Former Tank Farm in TuktoyaktukPresentation
    Philipe Gingras – Biogenie
  • FOX-C Ekalugad Fjord Intermediate DEW Line Site Mid-Station Dump Lobe B “Excavation”Presentation
    Mark Yetman – INAC / Greg Johnson – Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Technology Funding Options Workshop

  • The Technology Commercialization Puzzle: Putting the Pieces TogetherPresentation
    Joe Lukacs, CETAC-WEST
  • Lean Leadership in the Services SectorPresentation
    Anurag Pandey, Alberta Finance and Enterprise
  • Bringing Technology to Market – Alberta’s Technology Commercialization Action PlanPresentation
    Tim Olsen, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology
  • Alberta Ingenuity Fund – Program OverviewPresentation
    Candice Berezan and Kirk Rockwell, Alberta Ingenuity Fund
  • The SR&ED Program: Is it right for you?Presentation
    Douglas Clay, Canada Revenue Agency – SR&ED Tax Credit
  • Make the Connection: Finance & Business SupportPresentation
    Glenn MacDonell, Industry Canada
  • NRC-IRAP Program OverviewPresentation
    Rolf Stokhuyzen, NRC-IRAP
  • Bridging the Innovation Gap – Critical Seed Funding for Technology Development & DemonstrationPresentation
    Zoltan Tompa, SDTC

Chemistry Workshop

  • Environmental Chemistry Made Easy A New Perspective on Water, Contaminant Solubility and Sorption, and Introduction to Surfactants in RemediationPresentation
    George (Bud) Ivey, Ivey International Inc.

Conference Technical Sessions

Opening Keynote

  • Give Me Refuge: From the ‘Most Contaminated Square Mile on Earth’ to the Premier Rocky
    Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
    Laura Williams, Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA Region 8


  • Remediation of LNAPL Contaminated Fractured Bedrock Using a Bioreactor Study in Southern AlbertaPresentation
    Jennifer Arnold, Stantec
  • Enhanced Bioremediation Field Experience: Using Observed Half Lives in Design and PredictionPresentationPaper
    Joanna Moreno, Adventus Group
  • Design of Bioaugmented Biobarriers for Remediation of a TCE PlumePresentation
    Carol E. Aziz, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc
  • Coupled ISCO-Bio via Activated Persulfate and Timed Oxygen Release using a Sodium persulfate/calcium peroxide matrixPresentation
    Frank Sessa, FMC Peroxygens

Military Sites and Gun Ranges

  • Remediation Technologies – A New Challenge and New OpportunitiesPresentation
    Jonathon Preston. DND UXO and Legacy Sites Program National Defence
  • Remediation of a Former Canadian Forces Base in Chatham, New BrunswickPresentation
    Guy Lavoie, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.
  • Case Study – Innovative Methods Used to Investigate and Remediate Lead Contaminated Soil at the Strathcona Shooting Range, Edmonton, ABPresentation
    Don Roy, Earth Tech Canada
  • CAM-F Intermediate DEW Line Site Clean-up Sarcpa Lake, NunavutPresentation
    Jeff Dirks, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.

Technology from the Netherlands – Update

  • Initial Steps Towards a Close Co-operation Between Canada and The Netherlands in Soil and Groundwater Remediation IssuesPresentation
    Hans van Duijne, Deltares-TNO
  • Advanced In Situ Remediation Technologies in The Netherlands: An overview based on actual projectsPresentationPaper
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology BV
  • Environmental Dredging EquipmentPresentation
    David Tenwolde, Damen Dredging Equipment
  • Optimizing In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Residual DNAPL: Geochemical Controls and Sediment Oxidant DemandPresentation
    Niels Hartog, Deltares-TNO

Sydney Tar Ponds Update and FCMs Green Municipal Fund

  • Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Cleanup – Project OverviewPresentation
    Roger Larkin, Sydney Tar Ponds Agency
  • Solidification/Stabilzation of Sydney Tar PondsPresentation
    Bruce Noble, Earth Tech AECOM
  • FCM Green Municipal Fund Brownfield call for applicationPresentation
    Jas Michalski, Federation of Canadian Municipalities


  • The Theorgy Behind the Art Technology Scusses in Treating Petroleum & Chlorinated Compounds, MTBE and 1,4 DioxanePresentation
    Marco Odah, Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc
  • Rethinking the “Interim Measure” Strategy for LNAPL Remediation ProjectsPresentation
    Matthew Rousseau, Conestogra-Rovers & Associates
  • To Be or Not to Be a DUA? A Critical Review of Procedures Used to Identify Domestic Use AquifersPresentationPaper
    Tai T. Wong, O’Connor Associates Environmental Inc.
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Gasoline Compounds Using PersulfatePresentation
    Kammy Sra, University of Waterloo
  • LNAPL Remediation via Horizontal Biosparging Wells Facilitates Property RedevelopmentPresentationPaper
    Derek W. Tomlinson, ERM
  • Tracer Testing Techniques to Support Design and Operation of In Situ Remediation SystemsPresentation
    Craig E. Divine, ARCADIS U.S., Inc
  • Pilot Test of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Technologies Leads to Improved Understanding of Immediate and Midterm Geochemical Response and Contaminant Destruction Within Petroleum Hydrocarbon PlumePresentation
    James E. Studer, ChemRem International LLC
  • Soil Spatial Variability Implications for In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Reduction Remediation ProgramsPresentation
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental Solutions Inc.

Phytoremediation and Natural Attenuation

  • Successful field and laboratory tests of advanced phytoremediation systems for decontamination of petroleum and salt impacted soilsPresentation
    Bruce M. Greenberg, University of Waterloo
  • Phytoremediation as an On Site Ex Situ Remediation OptionPresentation
    Gary Millard, Shell Canada Products
  • Numerical Assessment of Monitored Natural Attenuation Using Source Depletion as a Variable Loading FactorPresentation
    Bonnie Derksen, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Solidification / Stabilization

  • Two Projects, One City, One Solution: S/SPresentation
    Ernie Stine, Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure
  • Site Remediation and Hazardous Waste Management With Presumptive Remedies Under BC Regulatory Provisions Using Cement-Based Solidification / Stabilization
    John H. Wiens, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • Removing Hydrocarbons from Soil more Cost Effectively than other Conventional Thermal Technologies is now Further Enhanced when you can Create Viable Recycling AlternativesPresentationPaper
    Chris Harper, CHH Consulting

Vapour Management

  • Vapor Barriers: Chemical Compatibility, Testing, and Advancements in Materials SciencePresentation
    Todd Herrington, Regenesis
  • Case Studies: Use of Alternate Vapour Flow Media for Vapour Management Systems for New Building ConstructionPresentation
    Sean Ezekiel, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • Design of Below Sub-slab Vapour Management System For a Commercial BuildingPresentation
    Charito Canero, Golder Associates Ltd.


  • Chemical Recovery via Vapor Condensation (A “Green Remediation” Approach): The Next Generation Soil Vapor Extraction Off-Gas Treatment TechnologyPresentation
    Lowell Kessel, G.E.O. Inc.
  • Remediation of Perfluorinated Alkyl Compounds at a Former Fire Fighting Training AreaPresentationPaper
    Lindsay Paterson, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • Off-Gas Treatment Carbon Footprint Calculator: Form and FunctionPresentation
    Lowell Kessel, G.E.O. Inc.

Unique Situations

  • Ex Situ Chemical Oxidation in Canadian Winter ConditionsPresentation
    Dennis Owens, Oxy Teknologies Inc.
  • A Cooperative Approach to the Management and Remediation of a Former Oil Refinery Site on the Banks of the Bow RiverPresentation
    Trent Parks, The City of Calgary
  • Remediation in and Under BuildingsPresentation
    David Isopo, Quantum Remediation

Alberta Environment Updates

  • Update on Alberta Environment’s Remediation and Reclamation InitiativesPresentation
    Darlene Howat, Alberta Environment
  • Draft Alberta Environmental Site Assessment GuidelinesPresentation
    Norman Sawatsky, Alberta Environment
  • An Update on Alberta Environment’s 2008 Draft Soil Monitoring DirectivePresentation
    Chi Chen, Alberta Environment

Frameworks and Tools

  • Making Use of the New Alberta Tier 2 Guideline Framework in Remediation PlanningPresentationPaper
    Miles Tindal, Axiom Environmental Inc.
  • n-Hexane, Why is a Separate Guideline Being Developed for this Substance and Why is it Being Considered for Oil and Gas Impacted Sites?Presentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
  • How to “Unlock” Value to Remediate and Redevelop Gasoline StationsPresentationPaper
    Tammy Lomas-Jylha, OCETA


  • Environmental Forensic Principles for Source Allocation of Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsPresentation
    Gwen O’Sullivan, TRIUM Environmental Solutions Inc.
  • The Use of DNA Technologies in Determining the Biotreatability of Chlorinated Aliphatic HydrocarbonsPresentation
    Annemarie Douglas, HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Assessment and Remediation of a Historical Pipeline Release: Tools, Techniques and Technologies applied to In-situ/Ex-situ Soil and Groundwater RemediationPresentation
    Neil Reid, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.


  • Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation of F3 and F4 Contaminated SoilsPresentation
    George A. Ivey, Ivey International Inc.
  • Geochemical Conceptual Site Models Validated by Speciation Data to Support In Situ Treatment Strategies for MetalsPresentation
    Miranda Logan, ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
  • Performance Comparison of Aerobic and Anaerobic In-situ Treatment ApproachesPresentation
    Kim Heinze, Arcadis U.S., Inc.