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Total to Date (Cash and In-Kind): $233,582

From all of us at ESAA, our thoughts are with everyone in Fort McMurray and area.

wildfire.jpg-largeThe fires in Fort McMurray have devastated an entire community. Many homes and businesses have been lost with people leaving with nothing more than the clothing on their backs. ESAA has donated $500 to the Red Cross to help and we’re calling on our members and other non-profits to donate, match or beat our donation either in cash or in kind.

During the Calgary flood, our members raised over $205,000 to help people in their time of need and volunteered numerous hours to assist in the clean-up. Let’s show the world what being an Albertan is all about.

You can donate at:redcross

Red Cross – Alberta Fire Appeal


If you make a donation, please let us know via email at ESAA will be regularly updating the total from Alberta’s Environment Industry.

Company Amount
ESAA $500
KBL Environmental $500
Trace Associates $500
Ridgeline Canada $500
Gerald & Wendy Feschuk $150
Joe & Rami Chowaniec $100
Lisa Kinasewich & Colin Dryden $100
JSK Consulting Ltd. $1,000
Cathy Main & Chris Stang $1,000
Gord Nelson & Family $100
Erin Smith $500
Kevin O’Neil $200
Monique Wilkinson $500
Altalink $500
Drew Kilback $75
Christie Reeve $50
Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. and Employees $2,000
Sheri Bouchard $200
North Shore Environmental Consultants $2,785
North Shore Environmental Consultants – Employees $2,785
Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta $500
Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd. $500
Nelson Environmental Remediation $500
Alison Walker, Jamer Holdings $500
Mike Revie $100
Karen Schmidt $200
Pro-Source Insurance and Risk Management Ltd. $250
Sherritt International $50
Michelle Poherliak $50
SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. $2,000
Frickie Creek Consulting Corporation $100
Ivey International Inc. $200
Steven vanNieuwkerk $250
Reed Jackson $200
Lois Miller $500
Brian Waddell $75
Michelle Maycock $5
Soil-Info Ltd. $200
Mike Judd & Family $150
BCEIA $500
Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. $500
Candace Farrer $100
Anonymous $100
Nisha Jones $100
Michelle Seymour $100
Paragon Soil and Environmental Consultants $10,735
Paragon Soil and Environmental Consultants – Employees $15,735
Nichols Environmental (Canada) Ltd. $400
Kaila Janssen $200
Gavin Scott & Family $100
Bonnie Drozdowski & Family $100
Erica Goth & Family $200
The MacKinnon Family $150
Karrie-Lynne Watson $200
Charles Proulx $500
Dave Flynn $100
Doug Blue $250
TerraLogix $200
Les Sherwood $100
Lisa & Adam Semenchuk $100
MetaFLO Technologies $1,500
Ian MacLeod $150
Barr Engineering & Environmental Science Canada $1,000
Dillon Consulting Ltd $1,000
AGAT Laboratories $2,000
Alessandro Anifowose & Family $100
Gloria Gerber $75
Anonymous Edmonton Envir’l Consulting Co. $5,000
GHD Employees $19,021
GHD Corporate $17,300
Exova $3,025
Janet Louden $50
ALS Environmental – Corporate and Employees $1,680
Glacier Media/ERIS $50,000
Doug Johnson $200
CHEMCO Inc. $500
Brian Lambert $210
Matrix Solutions Inc. – Employees $3,124
Matrix Solutions Inc. $3,124
The Pinchin Group of Companies – Employees $13,000
The Pinchin Group of Companies $13,000
Maxxam Analytics – Corporate and Employees $37,358
Total Raised $223,262
 Company  In-Kind Donation  Value
 Urban Systems Foundation Sock, diapers, baby wipes, underwear $2,600
Gerald & Wendy Feschuk Socks, underwear, grad dresses $500
Vertex Resources Group Ltd. Food, toiletries, water $1,120
Keneco Environmental Services (2000) Inc. Toiletries, pet supplies, food $100
Marshall McKenzie – AITF Volunteer fire fighter
Site Energy Prepped, stored and transported food to RCMP officers based out of Site Energy’s Conklin office. $5,100
ESAA Orphan Well & LLR Program Breakfast – Attendees Diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, cleaning supplies $900
ESAA Staff Volunteered at the Emergency Services Warehouse in South Edmonton (11 hours)
Total Raised $10,320