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The ESAA Webinar series is returning.  Our free webinars will begin mid-September and run through mid-November.  If you have suggestions for a presentation, contact Joe at the ESAA Office.

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Stormwater Re-Use in Prairie Watersheds
Bill Berzins, MASc PEng (AB,BC,SK)
Director, Environmental Services
WEST Earth Sciences

11 am – 12 pm
October 7th, 2020

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Completed Webinars


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Stormwater Re-Use in Prairie Watersheds Presentation PDF

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Indigenous Relations & COVID-19: Adapting Protocol during a Pandemic  

Video Recording

A Mother’s Voice – Film by Holly Fortier

ECO Canada Employment Programs -Connecting Environmental employers with fresh talent across Canada   Video Recording  
Conceptual Site Models – Built for Purpose
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Health Canada CSM Builder Tool

Video Recording
 “Alberta’s Economy in a COVID-19 World: What we KNOW, what we DON’T KNOW, and potential opportunities”
Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist, ATB Financial
  Technical Issue – No Recording Available
Inspections and Investigations: What to do when the regulator comes knocking?
Sean Parker, McLennan Ross LLP
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
When Worlds Collide: Integrating Soil and Groundwater Studies When Remediating and Risk Managing Upstream Oil and Gas Sites
Brent Lennox, Waterline Resources
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
Investigating PFAS in Western Canada
Lindsay Paterson and Matthew Coady, SLR Consulting (Canada)
Presentation Powerpoint (PDF) Video Recording
Managing a Remote Workforce
Janet Salopek and Cindy Sidhu , Salopek &Associates
Presentation  (PDF) Video Recording
The 5 W’s of Bringing ELearning to Your Company
Darel Baker, Keldar Leadership
Presentation  (PDF) Video Recording
Soil Sterilants Program
Bonnie Drozdowski and Simone Levy, InnoTech Alberta
Presentation (PDF)


Canadian Conservation and Land Management Knowledge Portal (CCLM)

Video Recording
Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program – Information Session
Arron Best, Alberta Energy

Presentation (PDF)

Video Recording
Environmental Compliance in the wake of Covid-19
Amit Bhargava, EnviroApps

Presentation (PDF)

Video Recording
Great Big Nature – Kids and Families Webinar
Brian Keating

No Presentation PDF

Video Recording Drowdski and Chowaniec Families
An Update on Orphan Wells and the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program
Brad Gilmour, Keely Cameron, Stephanie Ridge, Bennett Jones LLP

Presentation (PDF)

Video Recording
Recent Trends in In-Situ Hydrocarbon Remediation
Andrew Punsoni, Regenesis
Todd Herrington, Regenesis

Presentation (PDF)

Video Recording
What’s in a Guideline: A Look Back at the History of Risk-Based Guidelines in Canada
Janice Paslawski, SNC-Lavalin
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
NEW – Shoreline Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using an Oleophilic Bio Barrier for Sheen Control
Jeff Gentry, Jacobs Engineering
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
Managing Environmental Risks & Liabilities: The Legal Perspective
Jacquelyn Stevens, Anand Srivastava, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
Hydrogen Sulphide: Limits, Detection and Treatment
Bill Berzins, West Earth Sciences
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording  
Cyber Security: Mitigating Risks and Protecting Data
Ryan Duquette, RSM Canada
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording  
Disruptive Energy Transition
Kae Shummoogum, Gasonic
Presentation (PDF)  
New World of Work
Sharon Kolodychuk, Salopek & Associates
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording  
Effective In-Situ LNAPL and DNAPL Site Remediation Using Innovative Surfactant Enhanced Remediation Techniques
George (Bud) Ivey, Ivey International
Presentation (PDF) Video Recording
How To Manage Remote Work Effectively and Reduce Cost During Critical Times
Vincent Lam and Sean  Huang, Matidor

Presentation (PDF)

Video Recording
Alberta Birds with Brian and Joe
Brian Keating and Joe Chowaniec

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Video Recording (Webinar Page)