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Environmental Enforcement Officer

Position: Environmental Enforcement Officer
Term: Full-Time
Application Deadline: January 30, 2021
Job Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Yellowknife, Iqaluit

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is looking for motivated individuals who are interested in working as Environmental Enforcement Officers. Our role is to protect Canada’s water, land, and air by enforcing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the pollution prevention provisions of the Fisheries Act, and their associated regulations. Enforcement Officers verify compliance through inspections and examine suspected violations through investigations.

Our work usually takes place in industrial settings of the various sectors we regulate. These sectors include:

– Mines, pulp and paper mills, oil and gas, and sewage treatment
– Import and export, such as vehicle emission standards
– Toxic substances, such as PCBs and dry cleaners
– Federal land including fuel storage

We often work with Indigenous communities, other levels of government, and industry officials in the course of our work.

As an Enforcement Officer you will respond to incidents in the field such as a spill into a river where you will be required to collect samples for analysis. Other duties include reviewing of records and emergency plans to verify compliance with the regulations from your office. These duties may uncover suspected violations and, as an Enforcement Officer, one of your roles will be leading investigations and taking enforcement actions.

As an Enforcement Officer you will be required to conduct investigations in regard to suspected violations. Some investigations will result in the drafting of legal documents such as search warrants and production orders. You will work with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada to prepare court documents and submit court briefs for review which may result in the laying of charges to which you may be required to attend court to provide testimony. Other enforcement measures such as written warnings, administrative monetary penalties, compliance orders and directions may be utilized by an officer as a result of an inspection or investigation.

Required Qualifications
To work as an Enforcement Officer, you will require the following education and experience:
– Minimum post-secondary diploma related to the duties of the position (e.g. chemistry, biology, environmental studies, police sciences, law, natural resource law enforcement, or criminology)
– Experience in planning and conducting inspections or investigations in environmental or regulatory fields
– Experience collecting and interpreting environmental or regulatory field data

Asset Criteria
The following criteria are considered assets and will be evaluated in your application:
– Experience working in remote locations and extreme northern environments
– Experience working with indigenous communities

Training and Development
Once hired, Enforcement Officers must complete a paid 10-week training program and participate in the Officer Development Program. Successful completion of the designation training and the Officer Development Program are preliminary conditions for progression and promotion from the GT04 (Entry-level) to the GT05 (Senior Enforcement Officer).
After completing your initial training, you will have ongoing opportunities for career and skill development, including courses and training in inspection and investigation techniques, regulations and enforcement processes, and safety and technical skills.

Rate of Pay
GT04: $62,556 to $71,124 + annual allowance $3,000 (under review)
GT05: $70, 213 to $79, 832 + annual allowance $3,000 (under review)
Allowances that are offered in addition to the base salary:
– Iqaluit: Isolated post allowance of approximately $22,304 to $33,126 (could be higher depending on family status and crown housing) per year; Vacation Travel Assistance (VAT) of approximately $1,448 per family member, twice per year; Crown housing available
– Yellowknife: Isolated post allowance of approximately $18,427 to $25,419 per year (depending on family status); VAT of approximately $1,032 per family member per year

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