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The 2017 ESAA Industry Awards is now accepting applications!

The ESAA Industry Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes member excellence in the areas of environmental innovation and community involvement. The program is open to all ESAA member organizations with the winners announced and awarded each year at the RemTech Symposium held in October. As part of the recognition process, winners will be featured in a short promotional video showcasing their companies. The videos will then be available to the winning companies following Remtech to use for their own promotional material.

Award Eligibility

All ESAA member organizations are eligible to participate in the ESAA Industry Awards program and must be a member in good standing at the time the award recipients are announced. Applicants are allowed to apply in both categories but are permitted only one entry per category.

Award Categories

The two categories for the ESAA Industry Awards are outlined below:

1) Environmental Innovation Award

Awarded to a member of Alberta’s Environmental Industry that has shown leadership in the area of environmental innovation.

Award Criteria

The Environmental Innovation Award recognizes an individual or companies’ innovative efforts designed and executed to support and contribute to the environmental industry. The award may be given in recognition of individuals or companies who implemented or completed an innovative technology, procedure or project that increased efficiencies; minimized waste or eliminated duplication of efforts, processes or systems; contributed to significant cost savings; and contributed to a positive environmental outcome.


2) Community Involvement Award

Awarded to an ESAA member organization that has shown an outstanding commitment to bettering their community through active fundraising and community involvement.

Award Criteria

The Community Involvement Award recognizes a member organization that is an active community leader demonstrated through: volunteering significant time and corporate resources to work with charitable, educational, and/or environmental organization, or community service group; or may have participated in significant community project/program that increases awareness of the importance of the environmental industry among students and the general public or improves the quality of life in the community.


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Check out our 2016 winners!

The winner of the Environmental Innovation Award  is Francine Kelly-Hooper and CH2M!

The winner of the Community Involvement Award  is Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting!